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Welcome to the IAL Channel Seepage Management Tool. This site supports practical measurement and remediation of channel seepage.
Irrigation Australia Seepage Tool Images of seepage management in Australia
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1. Seepage risk, potential
What is the regional risk or potential for seepage?

2. Identification & Measurement
How to identify and
quantify seepage.

3. Remediation
Need to fix the channel seepage? How to fix it.

4. Remediation costs, benefits
How much will it cost to do nothing or fix it? Is it worth it? Economic evaluation cost/benefit analysis.

5. Prioritisation of works
What is the preferred method for each site? In what order should it be fixed?

6. Project review
Have we fixed the problem? How effective was the approach?


Best Practice Guidelines for Channel Seepage Identification and Measurement


Guidelines for Channel Seepage Remediation


Pondage Test Analysis Tool


Channel Seepage Decision Support Tool


Site Information Checklist


Case Study Template

Case studies

Donald Main Channel
Wimmera Mallee Water

Waranga Western Channel
Goulburn-Murray Water

How to use this website




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